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Hurricane Season is upon us

Hurricane Season – The season will soon be upon us.  Are your ready?  If not, I’s suggest if your trees haven’t been pruned for some time, it might be worth your while to have them checked by a certified arborist … Continue reading

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Plant Propagation during the Florida summer

Plant Propagation – Summer is a good time to increase your plants via layering, using leaf cuttings, plus green wood and soft wood cuttings.  Suggest you visit you local library and check out “Plant Propagator’s Bible” by Miranda Smith.  This … Continue reading

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Annuals and Perennials – things to keep in mind during the Florida summer

Annuals/Perennials – Apply liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks, preferably early in the morning to avoid burning your plants.  For all other plants, use a controlled/slow release fertilizer every 2 months till early September.  Remember to water in afterwards. Also, if … Continue reading

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Crape Myrtle Care During the Florida Summer

Crape Myrtles – They begin to bloom in summer, especially Natches, which has white flowers.  Soon you’ll be seeing light lavender blooms on Muscogee Crape Myrtles and coral blooms on Tuscarora Crape Myrtles.  As the blooms begin to fade, you … Continue reading

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Watering during the Florida Summer

Watering – Although our rainfall has begun to increase, many of our plants, especially newly planted ones are showing signs of stress.  Look for wilting leaves, and in severe cases, leaf discoloration.  On the other hand, too much can cause … Continue reading

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Garden Pests – Things to be aware of during the Florida summer

Pests – Their presence and damage will continue to increase.  I recently reported on the arrival of chinch bugs in our lawns.  We now are seeing army worms and sod web worms also in our lawns.  Look for small light … Continue reading

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Pest Control

I guess you heard or read in the paper that because of our mild winter weather, we can expect lots of pests this year.  So far, I’ve observed grasshoppers, tent caterpillars, leaf miners, spider mites, slugs, white fly, scale insects, … Continue reading

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Did you do this yet?  If not, you should have. For lawns we typically apply a slow/controlled release material in mid March and again in mid Sept.  Remember, IFAS doesn’t recommend using weed and feed products.  Apply weed killers when … Continue reading

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Irrigation/Hand Watering Our Plants

Although we had a very mild, but dry, winter, we’re continuing to experience very warm temperatures and drought conditions, which are proving to be very hard on our landscape plants.  Although we can resume irrigating our plants, especially our lawns, … Continue reading

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Many upcoming posts to come now….

Dear Friends of the Garden, I’m sorry for the long absence in getting back to all you faithful followers.  This has been a hectic spring for me, especially with Master Gardener work, including numerous talk to local garden clubs, civic … Continue reading

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