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Planting Flowers Under Trees

In my June 2016 newsletter I responded to a question about adding plants beneath citrus trees.  My response was don’t; for the sake of potential problems, including death of the citrus tree. Since then I’ve been asked what about adding … Continue reading

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Plant Propagation during the Florida summer

Plant Propagation – Summer is a good time to increase your plants via layering, using leaf cuttings, plus green wood and soft wood cuttings.  Suggest you visit you local library and check out “Plant Propagator’s Bible” by Miranda Smith.  This … Continue reading

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Common Mistakes Homeowners Make with their Landscapes

Although we all strive to have the perfect landscape, that is one with lots of year-round color and interest, yet requires little care on our part, most Floridians fail to achieve that goal. Why? Listed below are some of the … Continue reading

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Sod Laying

This past week I received three inquiries asking if it’s still OK to lay sod.  My response was yes.  As long as sod is being harvested, it can be put down.  I’d also like to remind those who are considering … Continue reading

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Proper Azalea Planting Techniques

Recently I visited a home where azalea plants, which had only been planted less than 6 months ago, were dead or dying.  Normally we would suspect insufficient watering, but this was not the case.  I dug up several plants and … Continue reading

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