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Have you been noticing mushrooms showing up in your lawn or landscape beds?  If so, don’t worry.  Fungal spores have sprouted in areas where your soil (and/or mulch) contains high levels of organic matter.  Typically these are areas where a … Continue reading

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Excessive Rainfall

Thanks to the start up of our summer rainy season, and the recent arrival of Tropical Storm Debby, our plants are beginning to receive much needed moisture.  However, for those of you who live in low areas or who have … Continue reading

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Rain has recently started to return to our area.  Though it’s not always when or where we want it, nor the amount we’d like, it is helping to green up things, especially if we applied the appropriate fertilizers previously.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Central Florida continues to be plagued by pests.  I’m still getting lots of calls on scale insects, white fly, spider mites, aphids, and lawn insects.  Where I live, I’ve had to deal with rodents in our bean patch, deer eating … Continue reading

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