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I have 50 years of horticultural experience, am currently a Master Gardener in Central Florida. In addition, I'm a Horticulture Instructor and retired Parks Manager and Arborist. I love plants and would love to help you with yours!

2022 Master Gardener Talks

Debary Hall    1:00            Date                                  Topic    January 6, 2022               Fl Friendly Landscaping & Welcome to Fl – We do Things Differently Here March 3, 2022                 Wild Flowers and Native Plants  May 5, 2022                     Container Gardening      July 7, … Continue reading

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Basic Orchid Care and Needs

 Water:  Best applied at room temperature preferably early in the day.  Thoroughly wet the entire plant, except any flowers.  Follow-up with a second watering approximately 1/2 hour later to help remove any fertilizer salts on your plants.  Frequency for watering … Continue reading

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Citrus Tree Grafting

For those of you with citrus trees or who are thinking about propagating citrus trees, I want to mention that citrus trees cannot be grafted or propagated in any way in Florida without a permit from FDACS, (Florida Department of … Continue reading

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2020 Talks

The following are talks I will be giving at DeBary Hall during 2020: 1/2/20 – Welcome to Florida – We do Landscaping Differently Here 2/6/20 – Wild Flowers and Native Plants 3/5/20 – Butterfly Gardening 4/2/20 – Why Landscapes Fail … Continue reading

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Sphaeropsis Knot Fungus on Holly Trees

If you have any holly trees in your landscape you are encouraged to check them for Sphaeropsis tumefaciens – a fungus that causes galls to form on twigs and branches and witches brooms.  If let alone, can cause tissue necrosis … Continue reading

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Spring Gardening Activities

Insects –  As our temperature gets warmer, you should begin noticing a number of insect pests, including Chilly Thrips, which attack new growth, including flowers and leaves, especially on roses and gardenias.  While most insecticides are ineffective on this pest, … Continue reading

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Cold Damage and What to do About It

Recently we experienced the coldest weather in our area so far this season.  Some areas were 32 degrees or less, while others were slightly warmer.  How did your plants do?  If you haven’t checked them, I suggest you do to … Continue reading

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Annuals for Spring Planting

Now that warmer weather has arrived, it will soon be time to purchase new annuals for adding color to your landscape.  Before buying any new plants, make certain that they are the proper varieties for spring planting.  Click here to … Continue reading

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Common Mistakes We Make When Pruning Our Plants and How to Correct Them

When I first began writing this blog, my intent was to inform homeowners that now (January) is not the time to be pruning their plants.  Because we recently experienced a few days of cold weather, some cold sensitive plants were … Continue reading

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Mimosa – A Tree to Avoid

Perhaps you have noticed a tree with fragrant pink/white pom-pom like blossoms with fern like foliage growing in your area.  You may have even thought about adding one to your landscape – Don’t!  Read on….. Mimosa trees thrive in full … Continue reading

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