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Lawn Care

I recently attended a lawn care class called “Turf for the Cheap and Lazy”.  I was surprised at how many homeowners mow their lawn when it’s wet.  This is not a good practice as it puts added stress on our … Continue reading

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Did any of you watch Sunday Morning on CBS on Aug 19th 2012?  They had an interesting story on weeds.  What impressed me about the story and what I’d like to pass on to you is that many weeds have … Continue reading

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Sustainability of our Landscape

If you were to look in the dictionary for a definition of sustainability, you would soon discover that it is a very broad topic with numerous definitions, dependent on what you want to sustain.  As it relates to our landscape, … Continue reading

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Fall and Winter Vegetable Garden

Now is the time to get busy making plans if you’re going to have a garden this fall.  Next month you’ll begin planting it.  It’s also time to plant seed for tomatoes, cabbages, etc.  If you’re growing your own transplants, … Continue reading

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Sago Palm Scale (aka Aulacaspis Scale)

For those of you who may have sago palms planted in your landscape, have you checked them lately for this dreaded pest, which if left alone, will kill you plant?  These plants need to be inspected regularly, especially now that … Continue reading

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Extend Blooming of Crape Myrtles

I recently received a call from a friend asking if it was possible to extend blooming of crape Myrtle trees.  I replied with a yes.  All you need to do is simply remove spent flowers as soon as they finishing … Continue reading

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