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Continuing Pest Problems

As in my last posting, pests continue to be a problem – not just insects, but also weeds. While driving around Central Florida recently, I noticed that many homeowners had numerous broadleaf weeds either flowering or developing seed heads, not … Continue reading

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Lawn Care Issues

Have you noticed any light green yellowing areas in your lawn?  If so, this usually indicated a need for fertilizer, especially one containing iron.  Apply a slow (controlled) release fertilizer and water in following application. Soil insects are still with … Continue reading

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Pest Update

A few days ago I posted on my blog an update on pest problems in our area; now there’s more to be concerned about, including: Lawn Pests – Brown Patch – Look for distinct circular patches of yellow-brown colored turf … Continue reading

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Lawn Care

I recently attended a lawn care class called “Turf for the Cheap and Lazy”.  I was surprised at how many homeowners mow their lawn when it’s wet.  This is not a good practice as it puts added stress on our … Continue reading

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