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Update to my blog…”Tree Planting During the Summer”

Recently I reported to you about a homeowner who wanted to plant a tree during the summer months.  I’m happy to report that he did, and following my advice, his tree is doing quite well.  He called the other day … Continue reading

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A Couple Tree Problems

Other problems I’ve encountered lately deal with trees. One problem has to do with applying tree wound paint over recent cuts.  This is a “no-no”.  Although it sounds reasonable and may make your tree cosmetically attractive, it doesn’t help the … Continue reading

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Proper Azalea Planting Techniques

Recently I visited a home where azalea plants, which had only been planted less than 6 months ago, were dead or dying.  Normally we would suspect insufficient watering, but this was not the case.  I dug up several plants and … Continue reading

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Irrigation Systems

Do you have an underground irrigation system?  If so, how often do you monitor it to make sure that it’s functioning properly?  You should do this at least monthly when your lawn and plants are actively growing.  Not only should … Continue reading

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Pest Alert – Texas Phoenix Palm Decline, and Guava Fruit Fly

Lately I’ve been trying to keep you up-to-date on pest issues that may impact our area; well, now I have two more pests for you to consider:  Texas Phoenix Palm decline, and Guava Fruit Fly.  Though not exactly new to … Continue reading

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Why are yellow leaves starting to show up on my Carpe Myrtle?

Why are yellow leaves starting to show up on my Crape Myrtle? Yellow leaves can be symptoms of many things.  Some of which are too much water, not enough water, irregular watering, changes in the weather, pests, mechanical damage, lack … Continue reading

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Can I plant a Norfolk Island Pine in my yard?

Can I plant a Norfolk Island Pine in my yard? You can, but it depends on where you are located.  It needs to be planted in a protected location, preferably on the south or east side of your home.  Because … Continue reading

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