Florida Gardening in September

Things to do in September

Now’s the time to plant flowers for winter color.  Some varieties that have done well for me include Gaura, Alyssum, Petunias, Pansies, Dianthus, Ruella, Verbena, and Begonias, (especially the Cocktail Blend series).  These typically should last till next March.

Now’s also the time to start your fall vegetable garden.  Begin by planting your warm season crops.  Suggest you go to solutionsforyourlife.com website and, using the alphabetical index, pull up “Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide”, to be sure you are planting the correct varieties.

About mid September to early October you should plan on fertilizing your lawn.  I suggest you apply a slow release fertilizer, plus minor elements, including iron.  The correct nutrient ratio of N-P-K should be 2-0-1.  That has twice the amount of Nitrogen to Potassium with little or none of phosphorus.  (Examples:  16-0-8, 22-0-11)  Application rates should be printed on the bag.  Remember to water in following the application.

Mid September is also the last time to fertilize your shrubs.  I use a 15-5-15 or 15-0-15, (applying ¼ – ½ handful over the root zone beneath the foliage), and have had good results.

About AskthePlantMaster

I have 50 years of horticultural experience, am currently a Master Gardener in Central Florida. In addition, I'm a Horticulture Instructor and retired Parks Manager and Arborist. I love plants and would love to help you with yours!
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