Sago Palm Scale (aka Aulacaspis Scale)

For those of you who may have sago palms planted in your landscape, have you checked them lately for this dreaded pest, which if left alone, will kill you plant?  These plants need to be inspected regularly, especially now that we’re experiencing warm, humid weather conditions.  Symptoms include yellowing/browning of upper frond surface and numerous white scales on the underside.  These scales can also be found on the stems and roots of the infected plant.  Best control is to spray horticultural oil or a systemic insecticide over the entire plant; including upper and lower leaf surfaces and stems.  Also, apply these same materials over the root system as a drench.  Depending on the seriousness of infestation, spraying should be done on a weekly basis, until the population diminishes and the overall health of the plant improves.  As I stated earlier, frequent monitoring is encouraged.

About AskthePlantMaster

I have 50 years of horticultural experience, am currently a Master Gardener in Central Florida. In addition, I'm a Horticulture Instructor and retired Parks Manager and Arborist. I love plants and would love to help you with yours!
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