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Extend Blooming of Crape Myrtles

I recently received a call from a friend asking if it was possible to extend blooming of crape Myrtle trees.  I replied with a yes.  All you need to do is simply remove spent flowers as soon as they finishing … Continue reading

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Summertime Pests

These continue to be a problem.  Lately I’ve been getting reports about powdery mildew on plant leaves, (treat with a good fungicide); the presence of large grasshoppers, (best control is crushing between 2 bricks!); and thrips on roses, (control will … Continue reading

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Hot Weather

Whether we like it or not, hot weather is upon us.  Not only is it hard on our plants, but ourselves as well.  To reduce your chances for fatigue, heat exhaustion, etc., drink lots of fluids.   And if possible, work … Continue reading

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Spider Mites

If you’ve been following my blogs, you’ve noticed that I’ve been reporting about an increase in pest problems this year due to our mild winter.  Because of current hot, dry weather, spider mites are showing up practically everywhere.  They attack … Continue reading

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Excessive Rainfall

Thanks to the start up of our summer rainy season, and the recent arrival of Tropical Storm Debby, our plants are beginning to receive much needed moisture.  However, for those of you who live in low areas or who have … Continue reading

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Rain has recently started to return to our area.  Though it’s not always when or where we want it, nor the amount we’d like, it is helping to green up things, especially if we applied the appropriate fertilizers previously.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Central Florida continues to be plagued by pests.  I’m still getting lots of calls on scale insects, white fly, spider mites, aphids, and lawn insects.  Where I live, I’ve had to deal with rodents in our bean patch, deer eating … Continue reading

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Hurricane Season is upon us

Hurricane Season – The season will soon be upon us.  Are your ready?  If not, I’s suggest if your trees haven’t been pruned for some time, it might be worth your while to have them checked by a certified arborist … Continue reading

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Plant Propagation during the Florida summer

Plant Propagation – Summer is a good time to increase your plants via layering, using leaf cuttings, plus green wood and soft wood cuttings.  Suggest you visit you local library and check out “Plant Propagator’s Bible” by Miranda Smith.  This … Continue reading

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Annuals and Perennials – things to keep in mind during the Florida summer

Annuals/Perennials – Apply liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks, preferably early in the morning to avoid burning your plants.  For all other plants, use a controlled/slow release fertilizer every 2 months till early September.  Remember to water in afterwards. Also, if … Continue reading

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