Troubles with plant pests

I’m excited to publish my first post and I’d like to comment on the pest issues we’re currently facing.  Because we live in Florida, we have more than our share of pests.   Our current weather conditions seem to increase our pest problems.  Don’t panic:  I’ll be commenting on this problem in my future posts.  Stay tuned!

About AskthePlantMaster

I have 50 years of horticultural experience, am currently a Master Gardener in Central Florida. In addition, I'm a Horticulture Instructor and retired Parks Manager and Arborist. I love plants and would love to help you with yours!
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2 Responses to Troubles with plant pests

  1. Janet says:

    Hello- I have a minature pineapple plant. How often should I water this plant?

  2. Approximately once a week

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