Sago Palm Pups

Sago Palm Pups

Summer is almost here, and if you have a sago palm, as many of us do, you’ve probably noticed new growth known as”pups” developing around their base.  If you would like more plants, now is the time to remove these pups by separating them by either pulling or twisting  them off at their base.  Also, cut off any emerging fronds. You can either plant each of them in a pot approximately 1-2″ larger in diameter than the individual pup, containing a well drained soil mix or you can plant them directly in a semi-shaded plant bed. Water as needed, but don’t over water.Within a few months you should have plants large enough  to set out in their permanent location.Because of their ultimate size they should be spaced a minimum of 6-8 feet from each other to avoid overcrowding.  These new plants make a great gift to give to your gardening friends or neighbors.

About AskthePlantMaster

I have 50 years of horticultural experience, am currently a Master Gardener in Central Florida. In addition, I'm a Horticulture Instructor and retired Parks Manager and Arborist. I love plants and would love to help you with yours!
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