50 Years experience in plant care

125Hello, I’m Howard Jeffries, a Master Gardener in Central Florida with more than 50 years of plant experience.  I’m a horticulture instructor and retired Parks manager and arborist.  I love plants and would like to help you with yours!

If you have a question or comment, please respond below.   You can also email me at hajeff2170@yahoo.com.

I look forward to your questions and comments!

Thank you for visiting our webpage!

11 Responses to 50 Years experience in plant care

  1. Dave and Bonnie Mylott says:

    Howard, we bought a pomegranate tree at the MG Plant sale this spring. Just noticed it is producing fruit. Should I cut them off or let them grow? Thanks a lot. Hope you and your wife enjoyed your cruise.
    Dave and Bonnie Mylott

  2. Thank you for your question about pomegranate fruit. If your plant is young and newly established, I suggest you remove the fruit as this will put the energy in plant growth and hardiness. Next season you can let the fruit fully develop and enjoy eating them. Hope this helps.

  3. ART BECKER says:


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