50 Years experience in plant care

125Hello, I’m Howard Jeffries, a Master Gardener in Central Florida with more than 50 years of plant experience.  I’m a horticulture instructor and retired Parks manager and arborist.  I love plants and would like to help you with yours!

If you have a question or comment, please respond below.   You can also email me at hajeff2170@yahoo.com.

I look forward to your questions and comments!

Thank you for visiting our webpage!

11 Responses to 50 Years experience in plant care

  1. Art,
    The best time to graft citrus is usually in the early spring (Feb/Mar). If you go to solutionsforyourlife.com website and pull up citrus, you should find adequate information on grafting.
    Thanks for responding to my blog, I appreciate all questions.
    Howard Jeffries

  2. Anonymous says:

    During our construction, we moved our holly tree as it was in the way of the trucks. Now it looks like it is not going to make it, BUT we did try lots of water each day and organic holly feed. Do you think it is turning brown from stress and may come back, or is she a goner? I’m so disappointed. Sad face. Leslie P.S.Maybe you need to come by and talk to her!

  3. Unable to view your attachments. It sounds as though you are loosing your holly.Would like to see it if possible before offering further comments.I need to know your name, where you’re located, and how and when to get to your place. I’m available Thursday a.m. Call me at 386-801-5246. Howard

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